Ceramica grabs a valuable point from Aswan, with a 1-1 draw in the league


Aswan and Ceramica tied with a goal for each of them in the match that was held between them at Petrosport Stadium in the eleventh week of the General League competition, and Aswan advanced with a goal scored by Mahmoud Shabana in the second minute of stoppage time in the first half before Mohamed Ibrahim equalized for Ceramica in the 83rd minute.

Aswan started the match with a formation that included Omar Radwan in the goalkeeper, Muhammad Osama, Ahmed Soghiry, Ahmed Al-Alfi, Amr Al-Halawani, Mohamed Jamal Bebo, Mahmoud Shabana, Muhammad Jamal Bebo, Ahmed Salem Safi, Solomon Menasah and Emmanuel Egypt.

On the other hand, Ceramica fought the match with a formation consisting of: Goalkeeper: Amer Amer, defensive line: Khaled Sobhi – Abdullah Mahmoud – Rajab Bakkar – Winfol Kubina, midfield: Mahmoud Nabil – Muhammad Ibrahim – Muhammad Toni – Muhammad Massad, offensive line: Shady Hussein – Ahmed Yasser Rayan. Mahmoud Shukry – Diaa Qandil – Ashour Al Adham – Saleh Jumaa – Walid Abdel Moneim – Rajab Omran “Riga” – Maxwell – Mido Jaber – Ahmed Ghoneim sits on the bench.

The first half witnessed pressure and attempts by the players of Ceramica to shake the net of Aswan, and the referee, Mohamed Adel, canceled a goal for the Ceramica team for the pretext of offside, while Aswan tried to reach the goal of Ceramica, but without danger to goalkeeper Amer Amer before Mahmoud Shabana succeeded in shaking the net, taking advantage of a corner kick around his head in the net. Aamir Aamir.

In the second half, Aswan resorted to defensive insurance, while Ceramica stepped up his attack to compensate and wasted more than one opportunity before Muhammad Ibrahim succeeded in scoring the equalizing goal in the 83rd minute with a shot that collided with one of Aswan’s defenders to change course and housed Omar Radwan.

With this result, Aswan raised its score to 10 points, while Ceramica raised its score to 15 points.


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