Clearing Egypt: Basem Morsi is an investment deal and sells it after two seasons, in the manner of Marwan Hamdy


Walid Howaidi, director of football at the Maqsas Misr Club, confirmed that the transfer of Bassem Morsi, the attacker of the Military Production to his team, is an investment deal. Zamalek has an amount of more than ten million pounds, and we contracted with Basem Morsi for a small amount, and after the end of his contract estimated for two and a half seasons, we will sell him for a large amount“.

Walid Howeidi added, “We aim to invest, of course, to achieve good results in the league, and we are moving steadily in both directions.“.

Officials of the Maqsas Club succeeded in contracting with Bassem Morsi, the striker of Zamalek and War Production, after buying his contract from the war team, on the last day of the winter transfers, in order to strengthen the ranks of the Fayoumi team in the remaining period of the current season.

The clearing contract with Bassem Morsi in order to strengthen the offensive line came after the sale of his attacker Marwan Hamdy to Zamalek and the transfer of Rajab Omran, his replacement in the offensive line, to Ceramica.

The clearing house ended a purchase deal in the name of Morsi for one million pounds, especially since there are 6 months left in Morsi’s contract with the production, while the player signed for two and a half seasons.

The clearing house received 13 million pounds in cash for the sale of Marwan Hamdy to Zamalek, in addition to 15% of the sale proceeds if Zamalek made the sale of the player in the future.

Ihab Jalal, the technical director of the clearance, was nominated in the name of Morsi to support the attack of the Fayoumi team, due to his conviction in the player’s abilities, after he had previously trained while he was coach of the Zamalek team.


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