Club World Cup … Al-Ahly against Al-Duhail


Honorable Yallakora visitors, follow us on the direct coverage of Al-Ahly’s match against Al-Duhail, Qatar, in the FIFA Club World Cup in Qatar.

Al-Ahly participates in the championship as the champion of Africa, while Al-Duhail will play as a representative of the organizing country for being crowned the Qatari League last season.

The winner of the match will play with European champions Bayern Munich in the semi-finals of the Club World Cup next Monday, while the loser will play with South Korean Ulsan Hyundai in the fifth and sixth place match.

the summary of the match

Al-Ahly started pressing in the first minutes amid a retreat for Al-Duhail, but the Qatari team responded with a rebound that resulted in a mistake on the right side against Mohamed Hani, to execute a cross that Al-Shenawi sent away to rebound with a far-off shot in the 5 minute.

Al-Ahly organized a ball behind the defense and reached Taher, to penetrate into the penalty area before the defense intervened and turned the ball into a corner that ended with a cross around Bwalia with a header far from the goal.

After that, Al-Ahly pressed and organized a new attack that reached the left front to Ali Maaloul, who sent a cross, but the Qatari goalkeeper reached it before the attackers of the Egyptian team.

Hussein Al Shahat passed with great skill from the defense and reached the penalty area to intervene the defense, but he succeeded in playing the ball to pass a cross and go away after it lost its danger in the end in the 12th minute.

The Qatari team was satisfied with relying on rebounds and sending high balls to its striker Olongo with the continuous defense in front of Al-Ahly’s possession of the ball, and it did not succeed in creating a danger to Al-Shenawi’s goal.

Walter Bwalya extracted the ball from the Qatari defense in the 30th minute, to reach Hussein Al Shahat on the borders of the penalty area, to release a powerful ball that passed from goalkeeper Salah Zakaria to the net.

Al-Ahly took advantage of the defensive gap in Al-Duhail’s right defensive front to organize another attack between Majdi Afsha and Ali Maaloul, to hit the Tunisian from inside the penalty area, a ball that hit the defense and turned into a corner in the 34th minute.

Hussein Al-Shahat passed the ball behind the defense to Walter Bwalia to separate the Al-Ahly striker and hit the ball with his left to pass the goalkeeper and embrace the net in the 38th minute, so the referee returned to the video technique to cancel the goal.

You can follow the text transmission of the match by clicking here

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