Control of the fire of a pet supplies store in Suez


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In Suez, firefighters took control of a fire in a warehouse below a property in front of Al-Khader Square after the fire destroyed its contents, while the fire did not result in any casualties.

The Civil Defense Operations Room had received a notification from the residents of a fire in a warehouse in a residential tower in front of Al-Khader Square in Al-Jaysh Street, in the Suez District, two firefighting cars went out to put out the fire.

From the initial inspection, it became clear that the fire broke out in the store of fish and ornamental birds feed and their breeding supplies, while the fire was controlled.

It is noteworthy that Major General Abdul Majid Saqr, Governor of Suez, issued a decision today, Tuesday, to close the warehouses at the bottom of residential real estate and to release records for violators, and Saqr’s decision came after the fire that broke out in a store for manufacturing shoes under a property in the Kerdasa region in Giza, which lasted for more than two days and caused the concrete columns to crack. Of the drug.

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