Corona vaccines are safe … and “Sputnik – in” good news for mankind – Covid-19


China confirmed that its vaccines are effective and safe, noting that it attaches great importance to the safety and effectiveness of vaccines against Covid. She added that based on the third phase of clinical trials, it is clear that the Chinese vaccines are effective and safe. In addition, the Italian government health authorities, “Eva”, stated that the vaccines against Covid-19 manufactured by Pfizer – Biontech and Moderna are safe. According to the Italian Medical Agency, the vaccines have a good safe record, based on the assessment of 7,330 reports of suspected adverse reactions, which were collected between December 27 and January 26.

In a related development, European Union Foreign Minister Josep Borrell stressed that the Russian vaccine against the Sputnik virus – in it is good news for mankind, at a time when his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov announced that his country intends to cooperate in this field with its opponents in the West. Borrell expressed his hope that the European Medicines Agency would be able to license “the vaccine that was developed in Russia.” In turn, Lavrov indicated that he is in contact with Washington to see whether it is possible to work together in this field, adding that several countries in the European Union have expressed their interest in producing the vaccine on their soil.
In turn, the director of the European branch of the World Health Organization considered that Europe and drug manufacturing groups should work together to accelerate the vaccination process against Covid-19, expressing concern about the effectiveness of vaccines in immunizing against mutated versions of the virus. “We must join hands to accelerate the vaccination process,” said Director of the Health Organization in Europe, Hans Kluge. “Competing pharmaceutical companies must unite their efforts in order to increase production capacities significantly. This is what we need.”
Meanwhile, the American company Johnson & Johnson has asked the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to obtain a license for the emergency use of a single-dose vaccine against Covid-19. “The company’s submission to obtain a license for emergency use is based on the efficacy and safety data for the third phase of the clinical trial,” Johnson & Johnson said in a statement, noting that the vaccine meets all stringent standards of safety, efficacy and quality. The statement added that the company expects to have a product available for shipment upon obtaining the license. Paul Stoffels, chief scientific officer at “Johnson & Johnson”, said that applying for a license was a pivotal step towards reducing the burden of disease on people worldwide and putting an end to the epidemic.



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