Culture is a measure of progress. Amr Moussa criticizes Cairo Eye and a bridge


11:44 PM

Friday 05 February 2021


Amr Moussa, the former Secretary General of the Arab League, announced his refusal to set up cafeterias in the Baron Palace, the “Ain al-Qahira” tourist wheel project in the Zamalek area, and also the Korba Bridge in Heliopolis.

Musa said in a statement posted on his account on the social networking site “Facebook”: “Savoring culture, art, heritage and history is one of the most important measures of nationss progress, attendance, awareness and collective conscience.”

He added, “I followed with interest the dialogues and discussions that took place at the highest level among the residents of Cairo about the construction and tourism projects that are being prepared in their neighborhoods, and this is evidence of the vitality of culture, awareness and jealousy of the city and its heritage.”

He continued: “I add my voice to the voices of the citizens who protested against the Ferris wheel project, which is to be established in an area crowded with clubs, hotels, schools, many activities, and the movement of cars and people already; .

He continued: I also salute the efforts made by the citizens of the Heliopolis neighborhood regarding the bridge project to be established in the historical and heritage Al-Korba area, and to follow up on them and express their opinion on the construction taking place inside the palace of the Baron Empan founder of the suburb.

He concluded by saying: “This community dialogue and others about other heritage and historical areas is evidence of the health, positivity and culture of the community, and its connection to its homeland and its capital, which includes an unrivaled heritage, Long Live Egypt.”

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