Damage to urinary retention .. It causes a urinary tract infection and kidney failure


Many are facing a crisis Urinary retention During the winter, due to the cold weather and a feeling of lethargy and laziness, a person is forced to hold urine for long periods, which may result in serious complications that harm your bladder.

A report issued at the site revealed healthlineEmptying the bladder is one of the important health habits that must occur every few hours in order to have a healthy bladder, as holding urine for long hours may make you vulnerable to many diseases that should not be ignored.

The report identified some of the damages resulting from urine retention inside the bladder:

1. You may be at risk of developing a urinary tract infection

2. If you hold urine for long hours, you are more likely to develop enuresis, which in the long run results in bladder atrophy.

3- Urinary retention may lead to health problems when urinating or the inability to empty the bladder healthily

4. Bladder rupture is one of the serious complications that occur to you when the habit of holding urine continues in the long term.

5. Injury With kidney failure Because urine reflux leads to pressure on the kidneys’ functions and then affects their energy, which leads to congestion of the kidney channels and cells

6- The risk of death, as the person who persists in the habit of holding urine suffers to expose the kidneys and the bladder to danger and thus may develop chronic kidney failure that leads to death.

The report emphasized that the bladder needs two cups of urine to be emptied, and upon holding the urine the bladder is filled and expands and is ready to store the largest amount of urine, so the maximum time it needs to empty the urine may be about 3 hours, as the bladder is linked to brain cells through a number of receptors that She is given an indication that she is full and needs emptying.


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