Darb al-Mallah .. Here is the son of the late Izzat Al-Elayli .. know the story


The great artist, Izzat Al-Alali, passed away on Friday morning, at the age of 86, and his funeral was held at Al-Marwa Mosque next to Dreamland Hospital.

The seventh day was keen to monitor the area in which the late great artist Ezzat Al-Elayli was born, as he was born on the fifteenth of September 1934, in Darb al-Mallah in Bab al-Sharia, one of the old Cairo neighborhoods, and he was raised among three sisters, “Nagwan, Anayat and Fatima.” He was the only boy and the spoiled child, and as soon as he started approaching the age of entering school, he moved with his father, mother and sisters to Alexandria to live for several years on Rusafa Street in Muharram Bey.

Artist Ezzat Al-Elayli holds a BA at the Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts in 1960, but he did not start his acting career immediately after graduation due to his care for his four brothers after the death of his father. It was his cinematic start.

After that, his works varied to participate in dozens of works between cinema and television. One of his most important roles was in the movie “The Land” in 1970 directed by Youssef Shaheen, and among his most prominent works is “The Road to Eilat, People of the Summit, Mansouriya, Al-Tout and Al-Naboot” Several plays, the most important of which is “Hello Bakwat, Village Revolution.”


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