Democracy is in danger … the Corona pandemic has exacerbated the situation


وأشار “Democracy IndexThe annual published by the Economist Intelligence Unit indicates an erosion of personal rights in nearly 70 percent of the 167 countries analyzed.

France and Portugal in particular have been downgraded to “”Imperfect democracies“, In case France Due to closures and other restrictions on movement.

This reduced their overall ranking in matters involving Civil liberties And political participation and government work.

And reverse decrease Portugal It reviews parliamentary debates during the health crisis to check how the prime minister is exercising his powers.

In general, the report stated, “The pandemic has led to a widespread decline in civil liberties and fueled the current trend of intolerance and censorship of dissenting opinion.”

Although in many cases citizens either ratified or at least agreed to The rules of social distancing Difficulty aimed at reducing Covid-19 deaths, incoherent policies and implementation have undermined confidence in government and democratic standards for many.

The report concluded that “the retreat of civil liberties, the assault on freedom of expression and the failures of democratic accountability that occurred as a result of the epidemic are (are) serious matters.”

But in Asia, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan were promoted to “full democracies” from “deficient”, as “the government responded decisively to the crisis and” retained the confidence of its people. “

The study stated that although Asia is still generally lagging behind in terms of democratic freedoms, the “emerging corona virus pandemic has accelerated the shift in the global balance of power from west to east.”

Also kept United State In its “incomplete democratic” status, with voter participation in a more effective manner, in contrast to a deep distrust of political parties and dysfunctional government institutions.

“Social cohesion has collapsed and consensus evaporated on core issues. Joe Biden faces a major challenge in bringing together a country deeply divided over core values,” the report said.

Across the world, Mali has been demoted to yet an “authoritarian regime” Military coup Last August, after years of trying to counter a hard-line insurgency with the help of French forces.

The study found that “more than a third of the world’s population live under authoritarian rule, and a large proportion of them are in China.”

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