Denmark beat Sweden to win the World Cup in hand


And dominated Denmark On the course of the match after the preference for Sweden to win the championship for the second time in a row after it won its first title by beating the Norwegian in the final match of the last edition hosted by Denmark jointly with Germany.

The first half of the match ended in a 13/13 draw, after a level playing field and exciting by the two teams throughout the half..

And he had achieved the Spanish national team bronze in the championship, beating his French counterpart 35-29 in the match to determine the third and fourth places..

And it included Spain A place for her on the podium, winning the second bronze in her fourth participation in her history after 2011 in Sweden.

La Roja, the world champion in 2005 and 2013, dominated the match from the start, advancing 4-0 in the first five minutes, before the French national team regained its balance and scored its first goal with the sixth minute.

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