Details of the Myanmar coup: Internet and communications cut off … and its leader accused of “atrocities against Muslims”


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The Myanmar military launched a coup movement against the government, imposed a state of emergency for a year, arrested Prime Minister Aung San Suu Kyi, arrested a number of leaders of the state and the ruling party, cut off the Internet and communications, and broadcast state television. For its part, America demanded the release of the arrested and vowed to take measures.

Myanmar or Burma is located in Southeast Asia and is bordered to the northeast by China, to the northwest by India and Bangladesh, to the east by Laos and Thailand, to the south by the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean, and to the southeast by the Malay Peninsula.

The army pre-empted the coup before holding the first session of the newly elected parliament after the last legislative elections last November, in which the “National League for Democracy” won the absolute majority of Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi, and the army condemned the elections earlier, claiming that there was a massive fraud.

International media confirmed the deployment of the army in Naypyidaw, the capital of Myanmar, and cut off internet and communications service, and official television said on Facebook that it was unable to broadcast.

In a statement, White House spokeswoman Jane Sackey called for the release of the detainees from government leaders, stressing that America opposes any attempt to change the results of the recent elections and democratic transition, and we call on the army and all other parties to abide by democracy and the law and release the detainees today, and we will take action if the arrests are not reversed.

Reuters reported that an army television in Myanmar declared the imposition of emergency and transferred power to the army chief, Min Aung Hlangen, and CNN said that the reputation of the detained prime minister, who won the elections in 2015 and formed the first civilian government after 50 years of military rule, was tarnished during The past years after reports of ethnic cleansing operations against the Rohingya Muslims, which Myanmar denied, confirming that it was targeting terrorists.

CNN said that Min Aung Hlangen, to whom the handover of power was announced, is on the US sanctions list as of December 2019, due to grave human rights violations against the Muslim minority of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, which is predominantly Buddhist.

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