Detect the first signs of an untreated disease


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Detect the first signs of an untreated disease

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Psychologist Professor Andrei Zbirovsky has revealed the first signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

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Scientists identify brain cells most vulnerable to Alzheimer's disease for the first time!

The professor says in an interview with “Sputnik” Radio, “Often a person forgets his whereabouts or where he intends to go. For example, he forgets the location of the store from which he buys his needs within 30 years. Another sign is when people start to forget the words or use them for other purposes.” Or when someone utters a word and then admits that he forgot what it meant. ”

And he adds, in this case, you should see a specialist doctor immediately.

The professor points out that the social activity of the elderly is evidence of good mental health. He says, “If our relatives care about our lives, and if they do not agree with us about something, and they criticize and reproach us, because we live in an incorrect lifestyle, then this is definitely evidence of Their health and psychological state are good, but there is one exception, which is when a relative asks us about something, and then forgets our answer. ”

According to the professor, the repeated question creates the impression that an elderly relative forgets the answer, and this may be a sign of the second stage of the development of Alzheimer’s disease, during which the person continues to pay attention, but is unable to comprehend the answers.

Source: Novosti


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