Developments in the health status of Horey Farghali and 3 operations that she is performing


In a follow-up to the health status of the Egyptian star Houria Farghali The operation that was supposed to be performed at dawn yesterday, Thursday, has been postponed, as it became clear after several analyzes that “there is a deficiency of the hemoglobin protein in red blood cells”; Accordingly, the American doctor treating her case decided to postpone the operation that was scheduled to be performed.
A source close to the Representative Professions Syndicate following the case of Houria said that it was decided to postpone the operation in order to preserve her life, minutes before going through it, as it was discovered with the analyzes that the hemoglobin level in the blood of a nymph was low, and this came because a nymph suffered a bruise to the head 24 hours before undergoing the operation, which is What made that bruise affect the hemoglobin level, and as a result he decided to stop the surgery due to the seriousness of the situation.
It is scheduled that the results of the new analyzes will appear in the coming hours, in order to set and date for the first surgery as soon as possible, until Hourias health condition stabilizes.
In follow-up to the surgery that Houria Farghali will be performing in Washington, the international doctor, Houria Farghali and her family, upon their arrival in the United States of America, surprised that he would perform 3 direct surgeries, as the operation will be carried out in two stages: the first is an operation to cut a bone from the rib cage and place it in the nose And, the operation will be completed after 20 days, which is a rehabilitation of a nymph to place the bones in the right place directly until it returns to its normal shape.

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Houria Farghali will be placed on oxygen machines now for 48 hours, in order for the “blood” in the body to be filled with oxygen, so that the doctor can perform the first operation with the presence of a large amount of oxygen in the blood, specifically in the face area, as the operation will be performed after controlling all Tests so that her life is not at risk.
It is worth noting that Houria Farghali sent a message earlier, before her travel to America, to her audience, confirming that the travel procedures would be completed on January 31, and that she would undergo a new 9-hour surgery, with the aim of restoring her ability to smell, taste and breathe, and fix the errors that marred several She underwent previous surgeries in the face, after her nose was broken while she was doing equestrian training. Houria asked, in a message conveyed by the lyric poet Muhammad Jumaa, to her audience to pray for her to bypass this difficult surgery, as Jumah posted a picture of Houria Farghali on his personal Facebook account, and commented on it saying: “Houria thanks all the people who asked her very much, and God willing, she will travel To conduct an operation in Chicago, and ask you to pray for it, because the operation is 9 hours, and God willing, you will return with a thousand safety.
Houria also sent an audio message to attending the “Arab Oscar” festival after she apologized for not receiving her award in her own right, as a commitment to her previous decision not to appear in front of the public except after restoring her old form. She expressed her happiness with this honor, indicating that she wished she would attend with her body to receive it. She was satisfied with attending the festival via a phone call.

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