Direct video … Al-Duhail, Qatar 0-1 Al-Ahly, canceled goal by Paula


07:24 PM

Thursday 04 February 2021

Follow-up – Muhammad Mustafa:

Honorable Masrawy visitors, we offer you live coverage of Al-Ahly and Al-Duhail, the Qatari club, in the first round of the Club World Cup, which will take place from 4 to 11 February.

Al-Ahly begins with the following formation: Muhammad Al-Shennawi – Muhammad Hani – Ayman Ashraf – Badr Banoun – Ali Maaloul – Hamdi Fathi – Amr Al-Soulia – Taher Muhammad Taher – Muhammad Majdi “Afsha” – Hussein Al-Shahat – Walter Bwalia.

And sitting on the bench: Ali Lotfi, Ahmed Ramadan Beckham, Mohamed Sharif, Junior Ajay, Alliu Dieng, Akram Tawfiq, Mahmoud Kahraba, Yasser Ibrahim, Saad Samir, Marwan Mohsen, Salah Mohsen and Mustafa Schubert.

As for Al-Duhail, it begins with the following formation: Salah Zakaria – Muhammad Musa Abbas, Mahdi Bin Attia, Ahmed Yasser, Sultan Al-Brik – Karim Boudif, Ali Karimi, Bassam Hisham Al-Rawi – Edmilson Junior Paulo, Eduardo Pereira Rodriguez (Dudu), Michel Olunga Ogad.

The winner of that match will meet Bayern Munich next Monday in the semi-final, while the loser will meet South Korean Ulsan Hyundai in the fifth and sixth place match.

Match details:

Al-Duhail’s defense almost missed the first minute after Bwalia pressed, but Mehdi Bin Attia realized the situation and pushed the ball away.

Al-Duhail won a free kick in the fourth minute on the borders of the penalty area, which was carried out by Dudu, but Al-Shennawi removed it with his fist.

Al-Ahly won a corner executed by Maaloul to turn it by Walter Bwalia with his head, but it passed by the post without danger.

The most dangerous ball came in the tenth minute after a wonderful pass by Al Shahat, before the defense missed, and Taher followed it, but the Qatari defense kept the ball away.

Hamdi Fathy won a yellow card in the 27th minute after a strong interference with Ali Karimi in the midfield.

And the fans saluted the memory of the martyrs of Zamalek with the air defense battle in the 20th minute.

They also chanted for Muhammad Abu Trika in the 22nd minute.

In the 30th minute, Bwalia pressed and succeeded in extracting the ball, to be obtained by Hussein Al-Shahat and hit a powerful ball to the right of the goalkeeper that landed in the net, announcing the progress of the African champion with the first goal.

Then he passed a wonderful ball to Ali Maaloul, who entered the penalty area and hit a powerful shot that collided with Mahdi Bin Attia to get out for a corner.

Hamdi Fathi hit a rocket ball in the 36th minute, which passed just above the crossbar, in the complete absence and surrender of the Duhail team.

In the 38th minute, Hussein Al-Shahat passed a wonderful through ball to Bwalia, who was alone in the goal and scored it between the feet of the goalkeeper, but the referee canceled it for offside.

The goalkeeper almost made a mistake in the last minute, after Bwalya succeeded in extracting the ball from him, but the defense of Al Duhail sent it away to a corner.

Then the referee blew the whistle at the end of the first half, with Al-Ahly advancing with a clean goal.


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