Do you suffer from “explorer ban” .. A video that corrects your knowledge of Tik Tok?


The Tik Tok application has become one of the social platforms that many users rely on, including some content makers who found the platform an attractive way to present their content. Perhaps the most prominent term on the Tik Tok network is the “explorer movement”, which users think helps them to The spread of their content, while some attributed the low prevalence of the content to what is known as “explorer blocking.”

What is Explore in Tik Tok:

It is a feature that is used to promote and publish the video to the largest possible number of accounts, as it is an icon that allows others to post your or other people’s video and share it through various social media over the Internet, as the function of Explore Tik Tok is to share the video, increase interaction with it and obtain More views, thus increasing Tik Tok followers and increasing audience.

Explore ban

But there are many content creators who find that their videos do not achieve enough participation and reach the followers they hope for, as they justify this with the term “exploration blocking”. The following is the meaning of banning explorer, and all you need to know about the matter is as follows:


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