Egypt … discuss preparations to confront the “Nipah” virus


The deputy explained Samar Salem In a statement published on Sunday, and reported by the Egyptian newspaper “Al-Shorouk”, that the media reported news about the emergence of the “Nipah” virus in China, which has a death rate of 75 percent, pointing out that it is “the next major epidemiological danger to the world, especially in light of the absence The willingness of pharmaceutical companies to discover a treatment for it, as a result of the focus on the Corona virus now.

Maximum: “Nipah It is considered an emerging infectious disease that causes great concern to the whole world, as symptoms appear after the occurrence of infection between 4 to 14 days, and the incubation period for the virus reaches 45 days, according to what was reported by foreign media, which made it clear that it is a rare virus and spread by bats the fruit; This could cause flu-like symptoms and brain damage. “

Salem stressed the need to conduct research and find ways to combat the virus, “in light of what is being reported about the possibility of an outbreak of Nipah, which could turn into an epidemic at any moment, while the whole world is busy providing and producing the drugs necessary to combat the virus.” Corona“.

Commenting on the statement, a member of the Health Committee in the House of Representatives told “Al-Shorouk” newspaper that the committee “is looking into what has been raised about the new Nipah virus, and whether it is a laboratory-created virus, or otherwise.”

She pointed out that the members of the committee “each of them have a different specialty, and each of them will express his opinion on the matter.”

Salem considered it difficult for the Nipah virus to emerge Egypt, Because the conditions of its spread are different from Corona, being “not as fast-spreading as it is.”

She also noted that it emanates from within the Health Committee bThe Egyptian ParliamentSmall sub-committees to study issues, such as a committee for Egyptian medicine, a committee for preventive medicine and Corona, a committee for health insurance, another for university hospitals, another for sustainable development and the Egyptian board, and a committee for training the medical team, and each deputy belongs to these committees according to his experiences.

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