El-Shenawy: We missed a 3-0 win in the first half against Al-Duhail … and this is the reason for the low level


Mohamed El-Shenawy, goalkeeper for the first team at Al-Ahly club, expressed his happiness with the victory over Al-Duhail, Qatar, qualifying for the FIFA Club World Cup semi-finals, and facing Bayern Munich..

Al-Ahly defeated Al-Duhail, holder of the Qatari League title, with a goal unanswered by Hussein Al-Shahat, in the match that was held at the Education City Stadium in the Qatari capital, Doha, in the second round of the FIFA Clubs World Cup.

Al-Ahly, who is participating in the World Cup for the sixth time in history, faces European Champions League champions Bayern Munich next Monday at Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium in the semi-finals of the tournament.

Al-Shenawi said in his statements to the Qatari Al-Douri and Al-Kass channel: “For the whole past week we have been studying Al-Duhail. They are a respectable team and have a strong attack line.”

He added: “We were the best in the first half because they were playing with a lone striker, but they were the best in the second half because their coach was left with nothing, and he played with an offensive duo and a duo on the wings.”

He continued: “We captured in the first half, and in the second we were worried about the goal we had scored, and I thank the players for giving everything they could, and the most important thing is that we got what we wanted.”

He continued: “You should win such matches and not look to perform well. Nevertheless, we performed well in the first half, and we could have won three goals, but the most important thing was not to receive goals.”

Al-Shennawi concluded his remarks, saying: “The Bayern Munich match? Of course, they are a great team and the European champion, but the most important thing is to rejoice today, and from tomorrow we close the page and start studying Bayern Munich, and God willing we present a match worthy of our name.”


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