Eman Al-Sayed reveals the characteristics of Faris’ dreams: He should not be a comedian


Actress Eman El-Sayed revealed the characteristics of Faris her dreams, adding that marriage is not her goal in life, and Iman said in a television interview: “I spent a lot in the kosha filming, and in fact, for a time, this is not my goal in life, and I have no problem at the time, and at the time I feel that this is Brown Adam, who is ready to continue with him for the rest of my life. “

And she continued: “And there is no doubt about certain qualities, all that one’s thinking grows differently, and the most important need in the specifications is that our thinking is close to each other. Reach the heart. “

For his part, singer Omar Kamal said: “I don’t want the passport, I don’t come with me, I don’t love anyone who moves or sleeps beside me on the bed and in front of me, I could think about the neighborhood, and I used to get engaged before and I rubbed.”


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