Emy Talaat Zakaria reveals the improvement in her health and her discharge from the hospital


Actress Emmy Talaat Zakaria revealed details of her ill health, noting that she was discharged from the hospital after her health improved.

She indicated during a telephone interview with the “Honorable Citizen” program, on the “Al-Hadath Today” satellite, with the media, Syed Ali, that she became ill in Hurghada due to the change of weather and food.

Actress Emi Talaat Zakaria added: “The solutions were suspended, and it was a little dormant.”

Actress Amy, daughter of the late artist Talaat Zakaria, suffered a health problem while in Hurghada, noting that she went to the hospital to receive treatment here.

Actress Amy Talaat Zakaria shared her audience through her official account on the social networking site “Facebook” with two pictures of her, one of which she was receiving treatment, commented: “By God, I was going to Hurghada for two days, changing the atmosphere with all the activity and vitality of their case in the hospital .. Praise be to God for everything.”


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