Engy, the presenter for FilFan.com: I am a feminist and proud of Egypt’s peasant women | news


Actress Ingie El-Mokaddam participated as an ambassador for the “Live Well,” campaign that offers rural women an opportunity to actively participate in community development.

In a special statement to FilFan.com, the presenter said that she was excited to join this campaign because it is always biased towards women in general and working Egyptian women in particular.

Engy Al-Moqaddam added that she considered herself a feminist, and always supported women, so she joined the campaign without thinking or hesitation.

And she continued: Engy, it is enough to see the Egyptian peasant woman, who bears the responsibility of society, learns and develops from herself, works differently, and reaps the results of this.

The campaign “Live Well” affiliated with the Ministry of Social Solidarity aims to empower rural women and integrate them into the agricultural value chain, improve living conditions, and achieve self-sufficiency.

On the other hand, Enji the presenter is busy filming the series “Counter Attack”, starring Ahmed Ezz, Hind Sabry, Majida Zaki, Hisham Selim, Nidal Al Shafei, Mayan Al-Sayed, Nada Moussa, Youssef Othman, Khaled Anwar, Hajer Al-Sharnoubi and Muhammad Jumaa, written by Baher Dewidar and directed by Ahmed Alaa.

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