Examination of 45,000 women as part of the Maternal and Fetal Health Support Initiative in Sharkia


358 medical teams made the necessary tests for 45,222 pregnant womenEastern Province, And that under Presidential initiative To support maternal and fetal health.

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This was stated by Dr. Hisham Masoud, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Sharqia, who said that the initiative aims to conduct medical examination for 102 thousand and 700 pregnant Egyptian and non-Egyptian women in the cities and villages of the Sharkia Governorate starting from the age of 18 and that it aims to reach a generation of children enjoying good health and free from transmissible diseases Mother to the fetus and reduce deaths from these diseases.

Pregnant women are examined from the first day of pregnancy until birth for early detection of various communicable diseases transmitted from the mother to the fetus, as well as diseases that may affect the health of the fetus and the referral of the discoverer of their infection to hospitals for treatment of each case separately, amid precautionary and preventive measures from the Corona virus.


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