Experts link an autoimmune disorder and infection with the Coronavirus


A rare case of reactivation of an autoimmune disorder has been found in coronavirus patients, and experts have warned coronavirus patients to take extra caution after discharge from hospital.

It is noteworthy that autoimmune disease, according to the “thehealthsire” report, is a condition in which our immune system begins to attack the cells of the body, and the immune system protects our bodies from pathogens that try to attack the body.


It is necessary to have a strong immune system, especially in times like this in light of the Corona virus pandemic, so that experts have discovered that in some Corona virus patients, the virus reactivates autoimmune disorders, and this is not the first time that experts have linked the viral disease with health complications. Initial studies have linked Corona virus, diabetes, Guillain-Barre syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, and more.

Coronavirus patients should exercise caution even after discharge from the hospital

The report stated, that a 52-year-old woman attended Ruby Hall clinic in Pune with positive pneumonia for Covid-19 virus, but she was relatively stable, and did not need oxygen treatment, only she received the basic treatment that is given to Corona virus patients.

However, she returned to the hospital two weeks after being discharged with increased shortness of breath. Sneha Terboud, a pulmonologist from the Ruby Hall Clinic, who was treating her, said, “This time we looked for common complications that may be caused by the Coronavirus.

A common complication we were looking for was pulmonary thromboembolism, we were also looking for secondary bacterial pneumonia or reinfection with the Coronavirus, at a later time, it was negative for all of that.

“We checked again and saw a CT scan. We asked the patient about any previous history of joint pain. She said she was suffering from joint pain and stiffness, and she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in the past. However, she did not need much medication.” Recently, but now she needs oxygen support.

Then we diagnosed her with interstitial lung disease associated with rheumatoid arthritis, and the rheumatologist confirmed that a diagnosis and treatment plan for the joints was in place, the treatment performed was different from COVID, and required steroids and other immunosuppressants, counseling and rehabilitation procedures.

The doctor added, “We were able to return her to her home within two weeks without oxygen. A follow-up appointment was scheduled after a month and she was doing well in treatment.”

Doctors advise Corona patients to take all necessary precautions even after they are discharged from the hospital, and they also advise that an expert should be consulted in any disease immediately to avoid complications.


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