Fifi Abdo appears in an unusually modest black cloak that lights social


The artist, Vivi Abdo, published a new photo of her, using the Astori feature, through her personal account on the Instagram photo and video exchange site, and she got large viewing rates, comments and likes through all her followers.

A photo of Fifi Abdo in a modest black cloak that ignites Instagram

Vivi Abdo appeared in a modest cloak of black in violet, and it is one of the images that won the admiration of many followers everywhere, and it is considered one of the most distinctive and modern pictures of her that she presented at the present time.

It is also mentioned that Vivi has published a video clip to respond to all the rumors that have spread in the recent period, which confirmed her entry into resuscitation and that she wore the hijab, through her personal account on the famous Instagram site for the publication of photos, videos and the most interactive social communication on it. “.

And she commented on the video, saying, “Good evening, from Egypt, the mother of the world. I want to tell you that I wear it like that from the cold, on the idea of ​​so that the rumors nullify the need for revitalization and the need for a veil. ..With your love strong Sleep Well Sweet Dreams .. Exosme is the last thing I have in English.

It is also worth noting that she posted a video clip of a herd through the “Story” feature on her account via Instagram, while she was on the bed in her room, and sent a message to all her fans and followers, reassuring them about it and denying the rumor of her entry into intensive care.

Modest look .. Watch Fifi Abdo in a black cloak


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