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Mustafa Muhammad begins a new journey in Turkey, in search of achieving his ambition and reaching the highest possible position in football.

From Zamalek to Galata Saray, Mustafa Mohamed moved after the Turkish club officially announced the completion of the deal and borrowed it for a season and a half on loan, with the right to purchase.

So what does Mustafa Muhammad need to adapt to the Turkish league? And what does he need there to shine? Ayman Abdel Aziz, a former Zamalek player, who played in Turkey from 2000 to 2008 and from 2009 to 2011 and played for Kocaeli clubs, Malatiaspor, Genclerbergi and Trabzonspor, talked about the matters that Mustafa Muhammad would need to focus on to succeed quickly in the land of the Turks.

At the beginning, Ayman Abdel Aziz said: “Galatasaray is very popular, and the atmosphere will ignite Mustafa Muhammad.”

He added, “The Turkish fans – before the Corona pandemic – continue to support their team until the last minute, regardless of the outcome of the match.”

What is the first advice he gives to Mustafa Muhammad?

Answers the winner of the 2002 turkey cupMy advice to him is to learn Turkish as soon as possible“.

“Learning the language will help him and make the club management help him more, and everyone will feel that he wants to continue with the team, and it will bring him closer to all officials and the technical staff, and they will feel that he is interested in the league and the team,” he said.

He stressed, “He will also be closer to the players and form a good relationship with them.”

Muhammad will train under the leadership of Fatih Terim, a legend in Turkey who previously led the national team for the European Championship semi-finals in 2008.How does Mustafa Muhammad deal with him?

Abdel Aziz says of Tarim, “His personality is violent, strong and very serious. His personality traits are close to Jose Mourinho.”

And he continued, “Mustafa Muhammad should apply one thing in Turkey, which is to listen to everyone only and receive what is said to him, absorb it and implement it.”

“The club’s management desires the player’s best interest and he has to accept these advice, because he will find a completely different football life,” he stressed.

And about what Mustafa Muhammad needs to shine in Turkey, he said: “He must show skin and endure the violence of defenders in the Turkish league because most of the teams rely on physical strength to play and join together with strength.”

And he continued, “If he passes the first stages successfully, he will appear more than wonderful.”

About how long Mostafa Mohamed will need to participate, he said: “The team needs the capabilities of Mostafa Mohamed at the moment and I think he will participate at the earliest opportunity.”

“He will play a key role if he trains well.”

But what if he didn’t participate from the start? Abdul Aziz says:If he does not participate in the beginning and decides to return to Egypt, he will destroy himself until he continues“.

These were the technical advice. So what are the aspects that Mustafa Muhammad should avoid in Turkey?

The answer was not related to football, as he said: “I know Mustafa is very committed, but I confirm He has to get away from staying up late; Because these things are available in Turkey; He should not be led by these actions. ”

He concluded, “If he plays at his usual level, he will not last long in Turkey, but he must give everything he has to Galatasaray, as he is a great team and has previously won the Cup and European Super Cup.”

These were the advice of Abdel Aziz, who played in Turkey for more than 10 years, to Mustafa Mohamed, who enjoys the confidence of Fateh Tarim, who in turn will provide the appropriate atmosphere for the success of the Egyptian striker.

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