FilGoal | News | Al-Ahly Bank player reveals to Al-Joule the advantages of Al-Duhail coach … and the reason for Al-Ahly’s results shaking before the World Cup


“He is always asked of his players to attack, but he knows very well how to defend his previous game at Inter Milan, and he gained from the league there the Italian mentality in defense,” Mohamed Muthanani, the National Bank midfielder, said about his former coach Sabri Lamushi.

Al-Ahly is preparing to meet Al-Duhail, Qatar, next Thursday, at the opening of the FIFA Club World Cup 2020 matches.

Al-Duhail is led by coach Sabri Lamushi, who led the Qatari army from 2014 to 2017 and trained Muthanani during that period.

What are the advantages of Sabri Mushi? How do teams play? What are his expectations for Al-Ahly and Al-Duhail to meet at the opening of the FIFA Club World Cup matches?

All of this was answered by two of him in his interview with

The 28-year-old played for the Qatari army for six years between 2011 and 2017 and won the Qatar Stars Cup in 2013 with him.

In addition to the two Qatar Cup titles in 2014 and 2016, the latter was led by Sabri Lemushi himself.

This is in addition to the Qatari second division title in 2011.

Advantages of Sabri Mushi teams

On the advantages of the teams that Sabri coaches Moshe, Muthanani told “It must be said at the outset that Al-Duhail has great capabilities like major teams. What distinguishes Sabri Lamoshi’s teams is their love of attack.”

Before turning and stressing, “but he knows very well how to defend, Sabri Lamouchi played in Italy and acquired from them the strong Italian mentality in defense.”

He continued, “Sabri Lamouchi asks his players to attack and possess the ball, but he teaches them very well how to recover it quickly if it is lost.”

And he added, “Because if you rely on the attack only, you will lose because of the counter-attacks, and in the training session, Sabri Lamouchi always focuses on how to recover the ball quickly.”

The Tunisian player continued, “The match will be difficult. I wish success to Al-Ahly, Sabri to Moshi, and to those who will complete his career in the tournament.”

Muthanani and Abu Bakr return to the army in the Al-Ahly meeting | Qatar Stars League

During the current season, Sabri Lamushi adopted with Al-Duhail the methods 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3. Which method is preferred?

He explained, “If there are not many attackers available to him, he will rely on 4-2-3-1 and sometimes he may play with five players in defense, but if all the elements are available, he will rely on 4-3-3 and have an offensive style.”

Mass attendance

Asked if the expected attendance of Al-Ahly in the match stadium affects Al-Duhail, Muthanani replied, “Of course, Al-Duhail does not play in front of an audience much, but he is used to facing him when he plays in the Asian championships.”

And he added, “I think that the presence of the fans will stimulate Al Duhail and will not be a pressure factor for them, and they will try to present a nice match.”

“But I think that Al-Ahly is the closest to winning, because it has not participated in the World Cup for several years and wants to appear in the best possible way, and its players will have more strength on the ball, and this will help the team to win,” Mohammed Muthanani added.

Different curve

Al-Ahly started the current season strongly before drawing three times in the league, the last of which was with Pyramids before traveling to Qatar to participate in the World Cup.

On the other hand, Al-Duhail started his season in a shaky way, but he recently woke up and swept Al-Ahly in the Qatar Cup with a hexagon without a response and was ranked second in the league.

Does this different curve affect each team in the match?

Muthanani replied, “Al-Ahly will not be affected by what happened in the league.”

He added, “Any player wants to go into major confrontations, so I believe that many of Al-Ahly’s players were distracted by their thinking about the Club World Cup in the league.”

“For example, against us, when we tied in a goalless, Al-Ahly was not at its peak, unlike the last 10 minutes,” he added. “Some players are afraid of injuries that might keep them away from the tournament, and others were trying to prove themselves to the coach before the competition. Each player has his own mentality.”

He continued, “I do not imagine that the negative results happened because Al-Ahly was not good, but because of the dispersal of its players, so now every player will prepare himself in the best way to appear strongly in the tournament.”

Police Stadium Crisis

He then spoke with Muthanani about his experience in the Egyptian League with the National Bank and said: “Happy with that experience I got away with injury recently, but I am coming back strongly to help the team.”

As for Al-Ahly Bank, which scored eight points in the first 10 matches and ranked 14th, Muthanani said: “An acceptable start for us. We could have won more than one other match, but this is football.”

He continued, “There are teams that start the season well and end it completely on the opposite, and there are others that start out not the best, but are improving.”

And he added, “I believe that we will improve with the passage of time and the occurrence of more harmony between all the players, and we won some difficult points against Al-Ahly and Pyramids.”

When asked about the complaints of the teams from the police stadium in Abbasiya and whether it affects the team’s playing style, Muthanani said: “Of course it affects us.”

He added, “Any professional player who plays one day in a good stadium, and the next day in a poor stadium, he has to adapt to any circumstances.”

He continued, “But we love to play football to have fun, so I say if there is a chance to have another stadium available than the one we are currently playing on it would be better.”

Muthanani completed his interview, “If there is no change to the stadium, we must adapt and collect points on our court.”


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