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Al-Ahly returned to Japan after a two-year absence from the Club World Cup, after losing the 2007 African Champions League final to Tunisias Etoile Sahel.

Al-Ahly regained their African title in 2008 by winning the Cameroonian cotton, and returned again to the Club World Cup in Japan for the third time in 4 years.

Al-Ahly has now become the most participating club in the World Cup.

Al-Ahly will play North American champion Pachuca in the first match.

Al-Ahly in the World Cup.. A series presented to you by about the previous participation of the Red Genie in the Club World Cup.

Days before Al-Ahly appeared for the sixth time in the World Cup after winning the 2020 African Champions League, and qualifying to participate in the Clubs World Cup, which is being held in Qatar.

Al-Ahly will open it against Al-Duhail, Qatar, next Thursday.

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Repeat Error 2005

What happened with Al-Ahly in his first participation in the Club World Cup in 2005 was repeated in 2008.

Great media and public pressure on Al-Ahly.

The ceiling of ambitions rose. The fans and the media are calling for the players to qualify for the final of the tournament and face Manchester United, and why not, and Al-Ahly in his last participation in the Clubs World Cup, he achieved third place.

And all of that did not make sense at all.

Al-Ahly arrived in Japan on his third visit to the country of the rising sun, in preparation for participating in the World Cup clubs.

And as he did the second time, he did in the third and traveled early a week before the first match, to overcome the time difference and the biological clock for the players, and get used to the low temperatures.

The Al-Ahly mission was accompanied by the late legend Tariq Salim.

Severe loss

The date for the first match against Pachuca came. Al-Ahly with all its stars, Abu Trika, Barakat, Flavio and Ahmed Hassan.

Gilberto, Fathi and Wael Jumaa. Everyone is present at the match.

A strong and distinctive first round from Al-Ahly. A first goal by Abu Trika after the ball touched a Pachuca defender and went into the net.

Then a second goal by Flavio.

Al-Ahly goes to a break with two goals ahead, the fans thought that Al-Ahly had reached the semi-finals.

Manuel Jose says: “I saw the players in a state of severe pressure between the two halves despite the two-goal progression, and I tried to calm them down and give them confidence to complete the match.”.

The second half began and Mohamed Barakat went alone with Pachuca and put the ball in the net.

On the other hand, the referee was raising the flag and announcing the cancellation of Barakat’s correct goal for offside.

The ball rebounded and Pachuca scored the first goal. Increased pressure on Al-Ahly players.

Al-Ahly’s performance declined, the players retreated to the defense, and Pachuca scored the equalizer.

The match went to extra time, and Pachuca scored twice, winning and qualifying for the semi-finals.

Says Manuel Jose “I saw the players in a state of great tension due to severe pressure on them from the media before traveling to Japan, as happened with us during our first participation in the World Cup.”

“This is definitely wrong and shouldn’t have happened.”

“The chance of Al-Ahly winning the FIFA Club World Cup does not exceed 5%, and everyone must be completely convinced of that, but the media was talking about facing Al-Ahly and Manchester United in the World Cup final.”

“If Barakat’s third goal was counted, things would change completely, and this is not a justification for what happened, of course, but when you lead three, the players confidence will increase and you may score the fourth and fifth as well.

Abu Trika said in the press conference after the match: “The fact that Al-Ahly was present in this great world tournament, this is a great honor for us. After what happened happened and God did not write for us what we were hoping to achieve this time, we are facing other challenges to come. We must focus and prepare for them well and we will give everything in our power to present A good match against the Australian champion, and he left a better impression and a better memory for the Japanese people, who loved being with him in the tournament for the third time. “

And Trika completed “When we return to Cairo, we will start focusing on what challenges we have in the league, the Cup and the Super African, and if some people are tired of winning the championships and want to see a hero other than Al-Ahly, then this represents a new challenge for us that we have to face to prove and confirm that we are the best and deserving of any tournament we participate in.” Thanks to our work and effort as a collective team and as a great technical and management body that provides us with everything. “

Al-Ahly played against Australian champions Adelaide and lost in the fifth and sixth place match.

At the press conference, Jose said: “I am the one who bears responsibility for the team’s results in the tournament, not the players.”

Jose tells afterwards “I love these players and I was sending a message to them with these statements and that I am the one who bears the responsibility to lift the pressure on them and keep the media offensive from them.”

“I am always ready to defend and protect the players because I appreciate what they did for me.”

Welcome to heroes

Al-Ahly team returned from Japan after finishing last in the FIFA Clubs World Cup.

As soon as the players left Cairo airport, they saw the last thing that could occur to them.

Al-Ahly fans came to Cairo airport to receive the team and greet the players on their arrival in the World Cup.

The largest banner that the fans raised in the reception of the players was written on it “It is possible to lose a championship, but it is impossible to lose us.”

The third episode of the Al-Ahly series ended in the World Cup. Goodbye in the fourth episode


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