FilGoal | News | Al-Masry announces the diagnosis of Islam Salah after the car accident


The Egyptian Club revealed the diagnosis and condition of Islam Salah, the team leader.

Islam Salah was involved in a traffic accident with Karim al-Iraqi and Muhammad Shehata Ziyad Faraj, al-Masry’s players, while they were in the Iraqi’s car.

Mahmoud Al-Shahat, the first team doctor, revealed that the general condition of Islam Salah, the star of the team, is very reassuring, indicating that the player underwent a medical examination at one of the largest consultants for nose surgery, after the player suffered a fixed fracture of the nasal bones in addition to performing two surgeries to suture two wounds he sustained in the head and face.

“The attending physician confirmed his reassurance of the general condition of the player, who will need to rest for about a week before returning to light training, while wearing a headgear for a short period until the fracture of the nose is healed, while alerting the player to being overly careful in joint balls and head strikes,” Al-Masry doctor added.

Al-Masry is preparing to face the Arab Contractors, next Saturday, in the 12th round of the Egyptian League.


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