FilGoal | News | Ayman Younes: Zamalek suffered from the recklessness of its players against Al-Mahalla … and Pacheco missed solutions.


Ayman Younis, the former Zamalek star, criticized the white team players, accusing them of frivolity, which led to the defeat in front of Ghazl El Mahalla.

Zamalek lost to Mahalla today, Tuesday, in the latter’s stadium, with two goals to a goal in the 11th round of the Egyptian League.

This became Zamalek’s first defeat in the current season of the league.

Ayman Younes spoke on “On Time Sports” channel after the match, saying: “Zamalek was stunned against Al-Mahalla as if the match had ended. Except for Tariq Hamed and Imam Ashour, all the players got a rating of 4 out of 10.”

And he continued, “There were no solutions from the bench seats of Zamalek, why did Jaime Pacheco not include any of the new players, whether Saif al-Din al-Jaziri or Marwan Hamdi?”

He added, “Pacheco dealt with the match as if Zamalek would win and did not expect the scenario, and the dismissal of Ferjani Sassi, of course, affected Zamalek in the end.”

“Zizou, Obama and Bencharki are the keys to Zamalek, and they were not present in the match today.”

Regarding the goal of Al-Mahalla victory, Ayman Yunus said: “What happened from Al-Winch and Islam Jaber is a very naive mistake. How did that happen? Al-Mahalla was attacking timidly and found himself in front of the goal and scored the winning goal amid a surprise from the Zamalek players that Mahalla scored a goal.

He concluded, “I expected that Zamalek would learn from the harsh lesson against Aswan by drawing with him, but he was subjected to a harsher lesson against Mahalla.”

Zamalek’s balance stuck at 23 points, leading the table with a difference of two points from his pursuit of Al-Ahly, and the latter had a lower match.


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