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Ahmed Mujahid, head of the tripartite committee that manages the affairs of the Football Association, said that FIFA had inquired about the punishment of Mohamed El-Shenawy, and indicated that Shawky Gharib, the coach of the Olympic team, had requested the inclusion of Mohamed Salah, the star of Liverpool in the Tokyo Olympics.

Mujahid conducted a lengthy dialogue with journalists, which brings to you in full.

Mujahid began his speech by saying, “The committee of the ministry’s Central Auditing and Inspection Organization completed its mission on Tuesday. It has not written its report yet, and we have not been notified of any observations.”

And he continued, “But there are no violations of the Agiri contract, and the Egyptian team did not receive bonuses from the president of Chechnya.”

“We have no intention of canceling the league and what is being repeated is aimed at distorting the image of the tripartite committee.”

And he added, “The date of the Egyptian Super has not been set yet, and we are awaiting the response of the African Confederation regarding the dates of the African matches.”

He continued, “The league and the Egypt Cup may end on September 30th, and we are thinking about establishing the Super after the end of the 34th week of the current league, but our position has not been decided yet.”

Mujahid had announced earlier that he wishes the end of the current season in mid-September, but it may end at the end of the same month.

Mujahid continued, saying, “We will hold a press conference within 10 days to announce all the details of the centenary celebration, the organizing committee and those responsible for it.”

And he added, “We are studying all aspects of holding a global match in the presence of international stars.”

He continued, “All possibilities are available regarding the establishment of a friendly match between the old African, Egyptian and international stars.”

He continued, “The centenary on December 3 and may coincide with the opening of the new headquarters of the Football Association with the goal project in 6th of October City.”

Turning to talk about Mohamed Salah joining the Olympic team, he said: “Shawky Gharib informed us of his desire to include Mohamed Salah with him in the Tokyo Olympics, but we do not know Liverpool’s position yet.”

“So far, the Egyptian Olympic Committee has not notified us about whether or not the Olympiad will be held,” he said.

Shawky Gharib had announced during the Olympic Games that were held in Egypt earlier that he wished to join Mohamed Salah to the team in the Tokyo Olympics during the summer.

Mujahid spoke about the punishment of Al-Shenawi, saying: “We did not back down or take steps backward in the punishment of Muhammad Al-Shennawi, what happened is that the competition committee made its decision and presented it to the tripartite committee.”

He continued, “We inquired from the referees committee and it clarified that the referee was wrong and he should have shown the red card in the face of Al-Shennawi, or go to the dressing room and inform the administrator that the guard received a warning.”

And he added, “This did not happen, so El-Shennawi, according to the regulations, was suspended for one game.”

He continued, “The International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) inquired about Muhammad Al-Shennawi’s punishment, and the response was what I mentioned.”

The Egyptian Football Association had announced the suspension of El-Shenawi for 4 matches, before retreating after the resumption of Al-Ahly and announcing that it would stop one game.

Mujahid added, “We will not appoint a president for competitions, Mohamed Shawarbi as their supervisor, and Sayed Bakhit will manage the competitions management business with his great experience.”

“This is the decision of the tripartite committee so far, and this step is left to the elected council and the club association for the new season,” he concluded.


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