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“Even if you lose, you must have a clear form and manner of play for everyone” – Reda Shehata, after losing to Zamalek in the eighth round of the Egyptian League.

After 10 rounds, El Gouna has only lost two matches against Zamalek, 1-0, and Ceramica Cleopatra, 2-1.

The team won 5 matches and tied in 3 to make the Sahel club its best start in the Egyptian League after 10 rounds.

Here is the history of El Gouna after 10 rounds since his first participation in the league:

2009-2010: 5 draws – 2 wins – 3 defeats – 10th place – 11 points

2010-2010: 4 draws – 2 wins – 4 defeats – 15 points – 10 points

2013-2014: 2 wins – 1 draw – 6 defeats – 7 points (two-group league)

2014-2015: 5 draws – 3 defeats – 2 wins – placed 13 – 11 points

2018-2019: 3 wins – 4 draws – 3 defeats – 9th place – 13 points

2019-2020: 4 wins – 1 draw – 6 defeats – 11 place – 13 points

2020-2021: 5 wins – 3 draws – 2 defeats – 3 place – 18 points

In the 2018-2019 season, after El Gounas return to the Egyptian League, the club concluded 29 deals in the summer and winter transfer market for the season, a huge number of deals, of which 13 were on loan (8 only from Al-Ahly).

At that time, El-Gouna became known as the “Al-Ahly B” team.

The current season has left Al-Ahly’s employees, and El-Gouna includes only 11 deals, 4 of which are on loan with the last hours of the winter transfer market, and they are Mahmoud El-Jazzar, Arabi Badr from Al-Ahly, Omar Al-Saeed from Zamalek, and Karim El-Tayeb from Pyramids.

Reda Shehata spoke about the impact of secondments to Ontime Sports:The loaners were good, but you cannot set fixed goals with loan players, the goal does not become one and it is the place“.

Technical and tactical fortitude of the team contributed to El Gouna achieving the best start in its history in the Egyptian League and reaching the highest point at that stage.

Ismail Youssef, the former coach of El Gouna in the 2009-2010 season, told “El Gounas development? Reda Shehata has been around for a while, the professionals are very distinguished and have a distinctive combination.

“The team now has the players in its hands because most of the team’s players last season joined on loan,” he explained“.

El Gouna has in its five professional ranks Mohamed Habib Yakan, Alain Kyambadi, Jonathan Nguyem, Idris Mbombo and Serge Aka.

At Reza Shehata, we will stand a little.

A project for a future coach for the Egyptian national team

After defeating Al-Ittihad of Alexandria, Reda Shehata said after the match, “We want to prove that we are a different team this season.”

About the secret of his relationship with the players, he said: “I do not deal with them as a coach and players in my team, but rather they are my brothers, and I always tell them that we have not done anything so far and the next is more difficult because the competitors will play our matches more strongly.”

He continued, “We want to play football that does not depend on defense and grab a tie point, we want to play a beautiful ball.”

Hossam El-Zinaty, the sporting director of El Gouna, said in his interview on Ontime Sports:I like many things about Reda Shehata, his calmness and commitment, there are things that some do not notice and we are not accustomed to in our stadiums, if the team is a loser, he is not excited on the line, he does not talk much with the referee, does not object, and does not shout“.

وأضاف “When a team against us wastes time, he asks me not to object me and the players, and if we are ahead, we do not waste time.“.

He also excels in the technical side a lot, at this age, Reda Shehata is a project for a future coach for the Egyptian national team“.

Mohamed Mohsen Abu Greisha, the general coach of El Gouna, explained to the reasons for the team’s boom this season, saying: “The group has insistence and a special spirit among the players and they quickly understand Reda Shehatas work. There is also stability in the management, moral, material and professional in dealing“.

وأضاف “The departure of players such as Walter Bwalia and Maari Al-Ahly did not affect the team. Bwalia was compensated by team play and relying on some names that are not great and they have motives such as Karim Al-Tayeb and with the preparation of Zambian Idris Mbombo“.

Say “The basic elements are present in the team despite the departure of Maari Al-Ahly, so there is stability and technical stability, and the team was compensated with other elements, with the thinking of Reda Shehata and the support of the management“.

Thinking about solutions

Reda Shehata himself explains his way of thinking through Ontime Sports Channel: “I do not like execution without knowledge, since I was a player, the coach had to explain to me what he would do and the goal of what I would do, after my retirement I started to become a professional in the field of coaching, I worked in academies and levels of children and others.” .

And he added, “I worked with Wadi Degla for 3 years, which made a big difference with me.”

He continued, “There is a way to deal with every player and it does not help to deal with everyone with the same mentality. This is what I learned in the Tigris, and how to get the best potential from each player and combine them in a group to produce a good result.”

Some see me calm because I think all the time, I have two solutions, to be nervous and get into a quarrel with the players, or to be calm and think of solutions“.

Reda Shehata, the club took over the task of assistant coach Hamada Sidqi in December 2018, and in July he led El Gouna to a tie with Zamalek in the team’s last league match, to waste the opportunity for the White to win the league title.

Last season 2018-2019, he assumed the job temporarily in two terms after working with Serbian Neopcha Milosevic and Pedro Barni of Portugal.

Overall, Shehata led El Gouna in 23 matches, winning 10, drawing 4 and losing 7.

Shehata spoke about the El Gouna attack:I do not completely rely on the spearhead but the solutions coming from behind, but I see that things are going well in terms of scoring, things are going normally as long as we work as a group“.

Shehata, 40, relies on a 4-2-3-1 plan. The club relies more on the sides in light of the more defensive backs and crosses.

Jonathan Nguyem finds the left back among the most correct crosses in the league, created the El Gouna double against Al Ittihad of Alexandria and scored the winning goal over the clearing.

El-Gouna players scored 11 goals, 5 of them through Bwalia and Karim El-Tayeb, while Ahmed Hamdi (a playmaker) scored two goals, Islam Rushdie (winger) a goal, Joseph Nguyem (left back) a goal, Nour El-Sayed (central defender) goal, Mahmoud Al-Shabrawi (goal) ).

“It would have been more difficult if the work was individual,” Reda added. “There is no one in El Gouna club without a role.”

“The foreign players were present before I took on the task, but they were not performing with the same performance, but the most important thing is the way I work and deal with them, working as a group and not as an individual performance.”

After beating Egypt for clearing in the fifth round, the coach said:I am not worried about El Gouna. I only worry if we do not have a clear form on the field. The result is important, of course, but the most important thing is that there is a clear shape for us to keep.“.

The interview was conducted by Ismail Yusef and Muhammad Muhsin Abu Greisha: Bassam Abu Bakr


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