FilGoal | News | Faraj Amer: I bet on the team, Ahmed Sami … and Mustafa Fathi is trying to regain his level


Faraj Amer, president of Smouha Club, believes that his team is distinguished and expects its success under the leadership of Ahmed Sami, who is good at dealing with players.

Smouha succeeded in defeating Ismaili with two free goals in the tenth round of the league competition.

Faraj Amer said on Youth and Sports Radio: “This is what I expected and bet on since the beginning of the season, but Corona affected us.”

Smouha president stressed, “I know that we have a distinguished team, and Ahmed Sami is a technical manager who is good at dealing with players.”

Faraj Amer said, “Individual skills played a big role in my goal of Smouha, especially Mustafa Fathy, who dealt intelligently.”

Smouha president revealed, “Mustafa Fathy is a committed player and is trying to restore his level with the team.”

And on the next match, Faraj Amer said: “Enppi is a very strong team, and my dream, Tulan, is a distinguished coach, but the lesson is effort and success.”

Speaking of Al-Ahly in the Club World Cup, he said: “I expect Al-Ahly to win easily 2-0 or 3-1.”

He stressed, “It is undeniable that the Qatari team includes players at the highest level, but Al-Ahly is something other than fans, popularity, history and experiences.”

“Al Duhail is like an Egyptian club, with players whose prices are high, but it lacks harmony and spirit,” he concluded.


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