FilGoal | News | Farouk Jafar: Al-Tawfiq missed the coaching staff of Zamalek, like the players


Farouk Jaafar, the former star of Zamalek, believes that Al-Tawfiq missed the coaching staff as well as the players, and that is the reason for the team’s loss in front of Mahalla.

Zamalek lost to El Mahalla two goals to one in the eleventh round matches in the Egyptian League.

Farouk Jaafar said on the Zamalek channel: “The players and the technical staff were not in their luck today. Zamalek dominated after the first 25 minutes and did not take advantage of that.”

“Al Mahalla was defending hard to get a point, which would facilitate the game for you,” Jafar added.

Jafar stressed, “Obamas exit is wrong from my point of view because the team played without a playmaker after the goal, in addition to an incomprehensible imam change.”

The former Zamalek star added, “Al-Mahalla scored the two goals while defending, the goal of Al-Mahalla because Zamalek players did not play in their positions.”

He concluded his remarks, “The first goal was from the right-back and the second, Islam Jaber, was out of his position when he was a defender.”


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