FilGoal | News | Galatasaray announces the value of Mustafa Muhammad’s deal, his salary details, and the arrival of his international card


The Turkish Galatasaray club announced the full financial details of a deal involving Mustafa Mohamed from Zamalek.

Zamalek revealed a few days ago that his player, Mustafa Mohamed, was transferred on loan for a season and a half to Galata Saray, before the Egyptian international striker arrived in Istanbul in the early hours of today, Monday, and his admission is officially announced by the Turkish club.

Galatasaray said in his statement that he borrowed Mustafa Muhammad for a season and a half for $ 2 million.

The Turkish club noted that The contract contains a clause that allows him to permanently purchase Mustafa Muhammad for $ 4 million before 7-2022.

Galatasaray revealed that Mustafa Mohamed’s salary will be $ 400,000 for the remainder of the current season, and $ 750,000 next season. learned that Mustafa Muhammad’s international card had already reached his Turkish club, and the player was entitled to participate in the Istanbul Basaksehir match tomorrow, Tuesday, in the Turkish League.

Mustafa Muhammad arrived in Istanbul in the early hours of Monday morning, amid great media interest.

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