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Karim Hindawi – Essam El Tayyar – The Hand of Egypt – Photo from Egypt 2021 Account

Mohamed Essam Al-Tayyar and Karim Hindawi, the Egyptian national team goalkeeper, did not expect to reach the penalty shots against Denmark in the World Handball Championship.

The Egyptian national team left with a penalty shoot-out after the end of the original and extra time with a 35-35 draw.

Al-Tayyar said on Ontime Sports: “Penalties in handball are reached from as far as possible and not like football. Draw in the match and then the first and second extra time, the situation was dramatic.”

“In football, you can score and defend your goal, and in the hand, you cannot score a difference of 5 goals and retreat to defend,” Karim Hindawi added.

“Sweden lost the 8th lead to Belarus and Slovenia, and then they came back and ended in a draw.”

And he added, “The scenario of what happened in front of Denmark I have never experienced it before, and I have never played penalty shots before.”

“Before the Slovenia match, Ahmed Al-Ahmar told me that Slovenia would draw with us. Before the Denmark match, I asked him if this match could end in a draw, and would we play penalty shots, but he responded with difficulty.”

The World Cup ended with Denmark retaining the title for the second edition, after beating Sweden in the final.


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