FilGoal | News | Hand World Cup – Hansen crowned the best player award … and Swedish domination of the perfect formation


Denmark – World Handball Cup – Image via Egypt 2021 account

Denmark playmaker Mikel Hansen won the World Handball Championship award.

Denmark beat Sweden in the final of the tournament hosted by Egypt to preserve the title it achieved in 2019.See the details).

The organizing committee selected Hansen as the best player, after he scored 48 goals and scored 26 goals in 7 matches.

Hansen won the Best Player award at the 2013 World Cup.

The organizing committee of the tournament also announced the ideal formation, which witnessed the control of Sweden players in the absence of any player from the Egyptian national team.

The formation was as follows:

Goalkeeper: Andreas Baleka (Sweden)

Right wing: Ferrand Soleil (Spain)

Right back: Matthias Gidesil (Denmark)

Foothold: Jim Gottfriedson (Sweden)

Left-back: Mikel Hansen (Denmark)

Left winger: Hampus Van (Sweden)

Circle player: Ludovic-Fabregas (France)

Balika was chosen despite the brilliance of Niklas Landen, the Denmark goalkeeper, but the Swedish goalkeeper’s saves rate reached 34% after he blocked 72 shots out of a total of 213.

As for Landin, he tackled 64 out of 210, with a success rate of 30%.


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