FilGoal | News | Hossam Ezzo: The floor of the Al-Mahalla stadium is better than the Burj Al Arab … and exceptional rewards after winning over Zamalek


Hossam Ezzo, the general supervisor of the ball at Ghazl El Mahalla club, explained that the floor of the Mahalla stadium is better than the Burj Al Arab, and revealed that exceptional rewards were paid to the players after the victory over Zamalek.

“The floor of the Mahalla stadium is not bad, but rather better than Burj Al Arab, on which we played a match recently and its floor was filled with sand,” Ezzo said on On Sport Radio.

He added, “We paid exceptional rewards to the team’s players after defeating Zamalek, in appreciation of their efforts against a large team.”

He added, “Beating Zamalek gives the team a great moral boost in the coming period.”

He concluded, “It is too early to talk about entering Mahalla in the safety zone. The league’s journey is long. We have closed the page of victory over Zamalek and are currently preparing to face the Tigris next Sunday.”

Mahalla achieved its first victory over Zamalek at the Mahalla stadium in 34 years.

The second victory of the current season in the league for Mahalla


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