FilGoal | News | I became a knot? Nias leads the production to victory in a thrilling match against El Gouna, to continue its 8-year run


Islam Abdel Naim – Abdel Wahab Anan – El Gouna – Military Production – Image from El Gounas account

El Entag El Harby succeeded in winning for the second time in the Egyptian League during the current season, at the expense of its host El Gouna, 3-2, in the 11th round of the competition.

El-Gounas goals were scored by the duo Mohamed Ragab and Nour El-Sayed, while Abdel Wahab Anan scored one goal and Mamadou Nias scored twice.

This victory raised the balance of Military Production at 8 points in 17th place, while El Gounas balance stuck at 18 points in third place.

Production initiated the registration after a dangerous opportunity faced by Islam Tariq, the goalkeeper of El Gouna, and advanced from his goal to reach the production player who inhabited the empty window, but after reviewing the shot and the ruling of the flag, it was counted offside in the 11th minute.

El-Gouna came close to scoring a goal after a dangerous cross in the 21st minute, had it not been for Mohamed Tariq Abu El-Ezz, who saved the situation and pushed the ball to a corner that did not constitute a danger.

El-Entag El-Harby scored the first goal in the 36th minute, after a corner executed by Mohamed Tariq Abu El-Ezz, which was removed by El-Gounas defense from in front of the goal, to reach Abdel Wahab Anan, the defender of El-Entag El-Harby, who shot hard to be the first goal.

El Gouna almost scored from a direct free kick that was kicked from under the human wall, but Ahmed Yahya, the production goalkeeper, shone and saved his goal in the 43rd minute.

A cross cross came in the second minute of calculated time, instead of lost for the first half, to Mohamed Vieira, the production player, but he shot it wide.

In the first minute of the second half, Amr Abdel-Fattah “Amouri” sent a cross ball that Karim El-Tayeb tried to score, but Abdel-Wahab Anan tried to keep the ball off the goal line, and instead of leaving it, it hit Mohamed Ragab, the El Gouna player, and settled the net to be the equalizer. Rajab participated as a substitute at the start of the second half, instead of Islam Abdel Naim, to be an ideal choice after the goal.

Mohamed Abdel-Gawad, the El Gouna player, who participated as a substitute at the start of the second half, sent a cross in the 57th minute, which was very dangerous and fell in front of El Gounas striker Mohamed Ragab and shot, but Mohamed Sousta, the midfielder, saved the situation.

El Gouna player Jonathan Nguyem almost scored a goal for El Gouna with a direct free kick in the 75th minute, which was banished by the crossbar.

And a cross came in the 87th minute to Mamadou Nias, who scored the lead again for El Entag El Harby.

Nour El Sayed equalized in a very beautiful way from a direct free kick in the 89th minute for El Gouna.

The referee counts seven minutes as calculated time instead of lost.

The distinguished substitute, Mohamed Abdel-Majid, changed the path of a long ball with his head to reach Nias in the 96th minute, who controlled the ball inside the penalty area and scored the third goal of Al-Entag El-Harby.

This is the second victory for Military Production in the league during the current season, and the first since last December, after its victory 1-0 against the Arab Contractors.

El Gouna has not defeated El Entag El Harby since 2013, as the last time it won with a score of 1-0 was in the second round of the 2013-2014 season, since then the two teams tied 3 times and lost El Gouna 3 times and El Gouna did not taste the same.

Today’s victory is the second in a row for Military Production in the history of its confrontations against El Gouna in the Egyptian League, the third in the last 6 confrontations, and the fifth in all league encounters between the two teams, and El Gouna won 4 times and the two teams tied 3 times.


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