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Is the story of Zamalek and Benjamin Achimbong ended? Or does the story have other chapters, the details of which we will know later?

Ashimbong joined Zamalek in 2017 from Al Dakhiliya. He played with them for one season only, and scored two goals in 6 matches, and the two goals were in one match against Al-Ittihad of Alexandria.

Al-Ghani left Zamalek after that to Petrojet on loan. Then from Zamalek to the north of Qatar once and for all.

Now, the name Benjamin Achimbong is back on the scene again, after a statement by the International Professional Players’ Federation.

Story sequence

As known Achimbong, at the time of his departure from Zamalek club, signed a waiver of all his dues with Zamalek, including the dues of his agent Nader Al-Sayed, amounting to 20% of the value of his contract, without his knowledge. Nader Al-Sayed confirmed that incident

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The player returned and filed a case against Zamalek in the International Football Association, saying that they forced him to waive his dues. FIFA rejected the case, so the player turned to the International Sports Court.

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The Sports Court ruled that the player was entitled to receive one million and 200 thousand dollars, and that was after the representative of Zamalek failed to attend the hearing between the club and the player, so that the judge decided to compel Zamalek to pay the amount.

The sports court ruling in favor of the player came despite his signing of a waiver of his dues with the club, and this happened because Zamalek officials did not follow up on the case earlier.

_ _ _

current situation

Before the January transfers, Ashimbong returned to Egyptian football through the Al Dakhliya club gate.

Zamalek a few days ago held a session with Nader El-Sayed, the former goalkeeper of Zamalek and the Egyptian national team, and the players’ agent, representing Benjamin Achimbong.

After the session, Zamalek revealed that it had reached a settlement with the player to solve the crisis in exchange for paying only 250 thousand dollars, which the player would get immediately.

The International Federation of Professional Players (FIFPRO) issued a statement yesterday, Thursday, saying that the player had contacted them and denied his relationship with Nader Al-Sayed, after Zamalek formally informed FIFA that he had reached an agreement with him requiring the player to waive the case in exchange for the aforementioned amount.

The statement also said that they will act against Zamalek in this regard, with complaints to the International Federation, the African Confederation, and the Egyptian Football Association, because Nader Al-Sayed is not a representative of the player.

Here it started Investigate the matter ..

A source from Zamalek said toFilGoal.comNader Al-Sayed holds an official and valid authorization from Achimbong to negotiate and get his dues.

“Nader Al-Sayed had a video chat with the player during the session, and the player had already agreed to the aforementioned amount, but he said that his lawyer is the one who opposes the idea,” he added.

The source added, “Nader Al-Sayed is the one who brought Ashimbong to the Zamalek club from the beginning, and he was a representative of the player.”

He continued, “Nader Al-Sayed also owns an agency contract for the player on December 8th and continues to date, and he was behind all his transfers in Egypt earlier, so our position is correct.”

The source continued, “Zamalek has not paid the amount yet. The money is in the club and with the end of the story, Ashimbong can come and get it.”

He concluded, “The International Federation of Football Associations is the authority to judge in this case, not the Federation of Professional Players. The International Federation can decide to increase the amount that the player will receive by a certain percentage, for example, but it cannot impose a new penalty on Zamalek or that the player gets the same amount that was He is entitled to it previously. ”

_ _ _ He resorted to the Football Association to find out his position on the case.

A source from the Football Association said “We are not authorized to decide on the story, but Nader Al-Sayed came to the Football Association earlier, and he already had an authorization from the player.”

He added, “Nader Al-Sayed basically has dues with the player that he has not yet obtained, which confirms their relationship. The agency contract is not the basis, but the delegation signed by the player to Nader Al-Sayed is Al-Faisal, and we believe that Zamalek’s position is 100% correct.”

Now, for sure, the story is not officially over yet. This is the current situation, but we will have to wait for the coming days to see where things will end.


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