FilGoal | News | Injury hits 10 Pyramids players … Find out about their absence


The injury hit the ranks of 10 Pyramids players before their next match against Talaa El-Guish today, Saturday, in the 12th round of the Egyptian League.

What is the diagnosis of injuries and the period of absence of all of them?

According to, Mohamed Hamdi suffers from an injury to the knee’s inner ligament and knee cartilage, and he is expected to return within a week.

As for Abdullah Al-Saeed, he suffers from a torn anterior muscle and comes back within 10 days.

As for Ramadan Sobhi, he suffered a second-degree strain in the posterior muscle, and he will receive physical therapy and start the rehabilitation program and return within a week.

Ahmed Tawfiq suffers from a strain in the posterior muscle, and returns immediately after the Talaa Al-Jaysh match.

Ali Gabr returns immediately after meeting the Vanguards of the Army as well, as he is suffering from fatigue.

As for Ahmed Al-Sheikh, he has an injury to the inner cartilage of the knee and the hip tendon and needs a week’s rehabilitation.

Ahmed Fathy suffers from a torn back muscle and needs a 10-day rehabilitation period.

As for Ahmed Hammoudi, he severed the Achilles tendon, and the duration of his absence is not known yet.

As for Eric Traore, he has a cold and was excluded from meeting the pioneers for a swab to ensure that he was not infected with the Coronavirus.

While the second swab confirmed that Ahmed El-Shenawi had contracted Corona again.

Pyramids are sixth in the standings with 15 points, after playing 11 matches.


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