FilGoal | News | Jensh reveals what he said to Afsha after his goal in the final century … and the difference that happened to him after his injury


Zamalek goalkeeper Mahmoud Abdel-Rahim “Jensh” said that he felt as if the world went dark suddenly after Mohamed Magdy Afshas goal in the Champions League final, and he also explained that he stopped getting nervous after he found great love from Al-Ahly players after his injury.

“My dream was to win the Champions League,” Jensh said. “I would have crowned everything with Zamalek.”

And he continued, “I felt that the world suddenly went dark. I could not believe that we lost at this time. We were controlling the match and were going well and the players did what they had to do, and suddenly the goal came.”

“I don’t know what happened, I feel upset so far,” he said.

And he continued about what he said to him after the goal, “After the goal of Afsha? I was cheering the players and people connected that I was shouting at him, but I was telling him (Come on, Afsha, so we can play) I wanted my team to come back to play in order to make up, it was loud because there were fans. “.

And he added, “I told him (Let’s want to play), he celebrated for the full 5 minutes.”

He continued, “His right? Not his right. The ruling should give me this time to compensate.”

He went on, “I stopped nervousness like the past, because when I was injured I found great love from Al-Ahly club players and everyone. There is no one who did not talk to me. I was sad about the injury, but I felt at the same time that this is a blessing from God.”

“Everyone who was with me in the national team and those who were not, and the Zamalek fans felt that something big happened to me,” he added.

“There were altercations after the match and I was keeping the players away from each other, even though I was dying from the inside, because in the end it is football.”

Al-Ahly was crowned champion of the African Champions League for the ninth time in its history at the expense of Zamalek in the Champions League final for last season after winning 2-1.

Jensh suffered an injury in Achilles’ tendon in July 2019 to miss the end of his team’s season alongside and continued to be absent until he participated for the first time in August 2020 against Club Egypt in the league.


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