FilGoal | News | Kahraba: I used to run away from school to watch Al-Ahly in the World Cup clubs, and now I’m participating to win the championship


Mahmoud Abdel Moneim “Kahraba”, the Al-Ahly player, said that he dreamed of representing his team in the Clubs World Cup, especially as he used to run away from school to watch the tournament matches and his team’s participation in it.

Kahraba stated on the official website of the International Federation, “FIFA” He said: “I was named for the first time with the title Kahraba when I was a junior player in Al-Ahly. My coach, Badr Ragab, gave me this name because of my energy and my winning mentality, it looked like electricity.”

He continued, “I was trying to try everything on the field, and that title continued with me since I was nine years old.”

“Al-Duhail is a respectable team and a strong competitor in the Qatari League and the AFC Champions League,” he added.

He continued, “We are fully focused. We watched Al Duhail matches in order to know their best players and analyze our opponent. We hope to simulate Al-Ahly’s history and be able to cross to the next round.”

Al-Ahly is preparing to face Al Duhail in the quarter-finals of the Club World Cup on Thursday.

And Kahraba added about the possibility of facing Bayern Munich: “I love watching Bayern Munich. They are a strong team and they have good players.”

“Bayern is an integrated team that plays team football, similar to us in this matter, because we play in a similar way to it,” he added.

“I like watching them to learn a lot from them,” he added. “There is no particular player I want to face, I want to evaluate myself in front of all Bayern players.”

“In football there are no big and small teams. We hope that we will do a good job.”

“Every player has his own ambition, but the most important thing is to play well and help the team. I hope to reach the final and win the Club World Cup with my team,” he added.

And he continued, “We tell our fans that our goal is to win the championship, not to play a match or two and go home. I have been a fan of my family since my childhood.”

He continued, “I remember the level of the team in the Club World Cup, I used to run away from school to watch the games in the cafe.”

He continued, “It was a great feeling to watch Al-Ahly play while drinking tea with milk.”

And he added, “I always dreamed of playing in that tournament, and the dream has finally come true.”

He concluded, “Al-Ahly fans mean a lot to me, because I am one of them. Al-Ahly is a special thing in my life. I consider it like my father or my mother. I hope to fulfill their wishes and continue to play in the team in the future and make the fans happy.”

Kahraba, the 26-year-old, participated this season in 10 matches in all competitions, during which he scored 5 goals and scored one goal.


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