FilGoal | News | Khaled Eid: Al-Zamalek made it easy to face Al-Mahalla .. I saw high performance from its players


Khaled Eid, the coach of Ghazl El Mahalla, said that Zamalek might be easy to confront his team, indicating that he had touched the superior performance of the White Knight players, in his statements on MBC Egypt.

Khaled Eid said: “Zamalek is a great and respected team, but we played a big game.”

He continued, “Zamalek may have started the match, and Mahalla in his stadium will be somewhat difficult.”

He continued, “I felt that from his style of play, it was not the same as Egypt’s style of clearing, he fought the match in a global way, and the matches that preceded it.”

“Zamalek felt against us that he might win at any time, so we prepared our players very well for the confrontation,” he added.

And he added, “Zamalek felt that he had won and greed to score more. We took advantage of that with offensive changes at the end of the match and succeeded in translating that into two goals.”

He continued, “He wanted to attack with all his lines, so Mahmoud Alaa left his place and advanced to the attack, and we took advantage of this matter, and he did not read this point, and he may receive a goal in any match.”

And he went on, “The clearing match gain and the performance of the last period, I felt that there was high performance.”

He concluded, “Obamas exit helped us a lot, because he is one of the players who know how to move on the field, and the effect of this on Zamalek’s attack.”

Ghazal El Mahalla wrote the first defeat of Zamalek in the league this season, 2-1, while coach Khaled Eid’s team achieved its second victories in the competition.

The victory raised Al Mahalla’s balance to point 11 in tenth place.

Zamalek’s balance stopped at point 23 in the top of the league, two points behind Al-Ahly, who has a postponed match left.

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