FilGoal | News | Mahalla: Our stadium gets bad when we win? Sassi thankfully communicates with our player, however


Hossam Ezzo, the general supervisor of football at Ghazl El Mahalla club, said that the budget of his team is not equal to the value of one player in Al-Ahly, Zamalek or Pyramids, and he also indicated that his team is not small will take care of treating its player Mohamed Sami and any player in its ranks.

“Our budget is not equal to one player in Pyramids, Al-Ahly or Zamalek,” Ezzo said on “Ontime Sports”. “My entire team contracts are 17 million pounds, and the most expensive contract for a player is 750 thousand pounds.”

And he continued, “The floor of our stadium is good, when I lose, and when I win, it is bad. The floor of the Burj Al Arab stadium was worse.”

And he continued, “What if they see the stadiums that we played in the second division?”

“The ground in our stadium is reasonable, and we are striving to improve it better than that,” he added.

And Abizaid, “Ferjani Sassi, graciously communicates with the player all the time.”

“But the treatment costs? Mahalla is not a small team, and it will take care of Sami’s treatment and anything that happens as well.”

Ghazal El Mahalla succeeded in converting his delay into a two-goal victory over Zamalek in the eleventh round of the Egyptian League matches.


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