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Manuel Neuer – Bayern Munich – Champions League

Bayern Munich captain Manuel Neuer explained his knowledge of his potential rival in the FIFA Club World Cup semi-final, Al-Ahly, and believes that the confrontation will be difficult if it occurs.

Bayern starts the competition in the semi-finals, and is waiting for the winner to face Al-Ahly of Egypt and Al-Duhail of Qatar in the quarter-final on Thursday.

“We are now completely focused on the German League competitions, but we will prepare for the match at the appropriate time,” Neuer said in statements to the FIFA website.

He added, “We know Al-Ahly club, as it is the winner of the African Champions League, so it may be a difficult task.”

“It is not easy to play against teams you do not know much about,” he added. “Our mission in the Clubs World Cup 2013 was also difficult.”

Bayern won the Club World Cup in 2013.

“I am looking forward to competing in the FIFA Club World Cup, because we had already tasted the taste of being crowned with the title. It was just before Christmas, which made this coronation a wonderful end of that year.”

He concluded, “We now have the opportunity to fight two confrontations in Qatar, and we have a great desire to win the sixth title in less than a year.”

Bayern won 5 titles in 2020, starting with the German League, then the German Cup, the European Champions League, the European Super and the German Super League.

Qatar will host the Club World Championship with the participation of 6 clubs from 4 to 11 February.

And if Al-Ahly wins, the team will play Bayern Munich in the semi-final on February 8th at eight in the evening.

In the event Al-Ahly lost against Al-Duhail, the loser will face the Mexican Tjerez game and Ulsan Hyundai Korean at 5 pm on February 7th.

Al-Ahly is participating for the sixth time in its history, to become the most participating African continent in the tournament organized by the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA).

The historic African Champions League champion returns to the FIFA Club World Cup after a seven-year absence from the last time he participated in the tournament.

Al-Ahly achieved its biggest achievement in the 2006 edition after achieving bronze in the competition by defeating Mexican Club America.


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