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Ahmed Nagy – Mohamed El-Shenawy – Ahmed El-Shenawy – Egypt – South Africa

Ahmed Nagy, the coach of Hurras Smouha, said that Al-Ahly should be very careful and very concerned about the strength of the Al Duhail team, and he also indicated that he would feel as if he was playing in Cairo, unlike his matches in the Club World Cup in Japan.

Nagy said on “Ontime Sports 1”: “The goalkeeper center in Egypt is very reassuring. I said that we have 10 goalkeepers who can represent Egypt and were criticized, but then people saw what I meant. Each club has a goalkeeper who can play professionally and at the highest level.” “.

And the former coach of Al-Ahly guards continued: “I worked in Qatar for a while and I know the atmosphere and the Al-Duhail club. They have unnatural capabilities, and everything is available to them, recently in the league like Al-Ahly and they have had some missteps.”

He continued, “But it is a team that Al-Ahly must have followed very well, because it is a team that has strong capabilities.”

He continued, “The front six has very high capabilities. This does not diminish Al-Ahly and its capabilities and ability to skip the stage, but Al-Duhail is a large team that Al-Ahly must be keen and keenly interested in.”

And he added, “I am sure that Al-Duhail and the club gave information to Al-Ahly, and the Egyptian community in Qatar is very large. Most of the World Cup tournaments that I fought with Al-Ahly were in Japan. There were not many fans, but in Qatar Al-Ahly will feel as if they are playing in Cairo.”

“The goal must be to please the masses, and I hope to achieve the desired goal,” he added.

Al-Ahly is preparing to face Al-Duhail in the quarter-finals of the Club World Cup on Thursday. This is the sixth participation in the championship for the Red Castle.

Nagy touched on the level of goalkeepers in Egypt, saying: “El-Shenawi and Abu Jabal in particular have achieved very high numbers and have contributed effectively to the national team.”

And he added, “All thanks to their coaches, Michel Yancon and Amr Abdel Salam, the size of the work and additions is clear, the duo are very professional and they worked a lot and this is clear.”

“Since the World Cup and the Nations Cup, Al-Shennawi has been the same level and even better, and Abu Jabal has the same strong competitors, yet he has established his feet greatly and performs strongly in critical times. There are matches in the Champions League, whose star Abu Jabal was.”

He continued, “I coach Sherif Ikrami since he was nine years old, and I know the challenge he chose and greet him, and we are not angels. We all make mistakes like the player, the goalkeeper makes mistakes.”

“The excellent goalkeeper misses infrequently,” he added.

And he continued, “I do not want to talk about Ahmed Al-Shennawi, because I am oppressed.”

He added, “Ahmed Al-Shenawi is a very large and talented guard, and I do not understand why he surrenders in this way? A surrender that has many justifications. One of his motives must be renewed for him, it is not just money.”

And he continued, “He must renew one of his motives to mobilize his technical capabilities. I thought he would fight this season. The presence of Sherif Ikrami was supposed to create competition with the presence of a great goalkeeper like Mahdi Suleiman.”

He pointed out, “But it is not about winning a big contract and giving up. I hope he wakes up because that is a great loss for the Egyptian team.”

And he added, “Al-Mahdi Suleiman did not fail. He was playing and basic and participated well. Awad played and was not successful, and then Abu Jabal took advantage of the opportunity, but came back in reserve. The big team may have two guards and three at a great level.”

“Awad, at a great technical level, needs a big team like this and some success in the beginning and stumbled a little, but this will not reduce him as a great goalkeeper, but he needs to play under pressure.”

He continued, “This is what we faced in the World Cup and criticized us from the people. In Ismaili, he did not play for a championship or compete for Africa. He did not play under pressure. We wanted to play under pressure so that he could be with the national team.”

Turning to talk about the possibility of foreign guards returning to the Egyptian League, more than 10 years after the decision to prevent them, he said, “I very much welcome the recruitment of foreign guards. Talking about their absence is not logical.”

And he continued, “It includes a striker, a back and a defender, but not a goalkeeper? I need a goalkeeper, I will include him, but of great quality, because if I land I will spend 200 million pounds in order to return to the excellent.”

He explained, “Why are there no foreign guards? I hope there are 8 foreigners in each team, with respect to everyone who objected, but it is an enthusiastic talk.”

And he added, “Professionalism is a supply and a request, how will you market our guards to professionalism? Do you not exaggerate their prices and your demands, agree to the exit of 5 guards.”

“It is a market, supply and demand at the end,” he explained.

“The reason for the guards not being professional is marketing. We are joined by players who are not good at great prices because he has a good marketer,” he added.

He continued, “I have 10 guards playing anywhere in the world since I watch everywhere.”

He continued, “In Smouha, I was surprised that Hani Suleiman can become a professional at this age, and Amer Amer, Ahmed, Muhammad Al-Shennawi, Abu Jabal, Awad, Ikrami, Mustafa Schubert, Muhammad Subhi and Muhammad Bassam have a wealth of guards.”

“Manuel Jose completed everything that was hit in a mixer, violence, softness, sarcasm, intensity, intelligence and running matches, but this combination needs a lot of time from Musimane to reach it, despite my great belief in him as a coach and has a good career but needs a lot of time.”


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