FilGoal | News | Neuer reveals how unknown players face in the World Cup clubs … and confirms: The goalkeeper is the first striker


Bayern Munich goalkeeper and captain Manuel Neuer revealed his way of preparing to meet unfamiliar players and whom he does not usually encounter during the FIFA Club World Cup.

Bayern Munich is preparing to meet Al-Ahly next Monday in the semi-finals of the World Cup in Qatar.

“I know very well what I expect to meet,” Neuer told Bayern Munich. “The only difference in that tournament is that I don’t know everything about the players.”

And he added, “So I have to look at the player’s appearance or his shirt number to determine who is running towards me.”

Regarding his preparations for matches in general, and whether he depends on his next opponent, he said: “I study the style and individual play of players, the diversification of corner kicks and free kicks, the behavior of the wing players and how to implement the penalty kicks.”

The German goalkeeper added, “I know everything and also study the opponent’s method of open play. I have a catalog in my head.”

Neuer continued, “The lectures and summaries before the matches are enough for me, as I see the players preparing to warm up in front of me and everything I clean in my head, it is very complicated, but sometimes all the preparations do not help, so everything cannot be expected.”

As for the diet that he follows, the 34-year-old replied, “For many years I have been interested in a healthier diet than I was before. I have a diet similar to Leon Goritskas diet, for example it is gluten-free, so I do not eat red meat.”

And his way of playing, Neuer said: “I think I can offer something to my team in addition to the saves. It is always said that the striker is the first defender. I think that the goalkeeper should be the first striker in the current days.”


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