FilGoal | News | Omar Al-Saeed: Zamalek is the best team in Egypt … its players pledged to win the league this season


Omar Al-Saeed, a player on loan from Zamalek to El Gouna, said that the White Castle players pledged to win the Egyptian League title for this season, and described them as the best players in Egypt, in his statements on the “On Time Sports” channel.

Al-Saeed said, “I made the decision a while ago. I wanted to participate. I did not want to play 4-5 games. I wanted to play more. I spoke with the coach and he told me that as long as this is your desire, I go out on loan.”

And he continued, “I did not want this year to be lost to me, nor did I wish not to have a role.”

He continued, “When I joined Zamalek, I participated in the first year and had a role. I was the second highest scorer in Africa and the league and I was one of the players who created more goals.”

And he added, “I feel a little that I did not get my full opportunity, and I am at the club’s command in anything, and the final decision of the coach, and when you need me, you will find me.”

He continued, “When I play I do my utmost to make Zamalek fans happy. Nobody will train Zamalek but he will be a great coach.”

“The coach who supported me most was Christian Gross,” he said.

And he went on, “I went out on loan to show people that I exist and I came to Zamalek Club in my first year and I was good.”

“The period during which I sat on the bench, I felt that I had no role,” he explained.

He added, “I decided to go out to participate continuously, and when I return, I will be able to benefit the team.”

Al-Saeed, the 30-year-old, joined Zamalek from the Tigris Valley in the summer of 2018 and participated during the first season in 40 matches in all competitions, during which he scored 8 goals and made 7 and was crowned the champion of the Confederation with the team.

Al-Saeed added, “My relationship is very good with the players in Zamalek, and they always talk to me, and most of them did not agree to my departure, but after I made my point of view, they agreed.”

And he added, “Shikabala is another matter, a great player and a star, and whatever I talked about, I will not fulfill his right. He was one of the people who opposed my departure.”

He talked about the recent loss of the team from Mahalla, saying: “Any team in the league will win, lose and draw, always the big teams suffer a slight decline and return. I assure Zamalek fans that the team’s players are determined to win the league in any way, and all of them are committed to that.”

“Zamalek is the best team in Egypt and has the best elements in Egypt,” he said. “It just went through a stage of bad luck.”

He talked about his shot in the documentary for the Champions League final, saying: “A month before the match I suffered an injury, while I was undergoing treatment I was insisting on being in training. Who knows me well that I have insistence and never despair and the rest is in God’s hands.”

He continued, “As soon as Al-Ahly scored the goal, I alone ran on the bench and put on the shirt, I wanted a tie.”

He continued, “It was a shock of course, but we will achieve it this year, God willing. The existing generation in Zamalek has not existed for many years.”

Zamalek lost the African Champions League final to Al-Ahly, 2-1, last season.

Al-Saeed talked about joining El-Gouna, saying: “I know El Gouna well, and I know Reda Shehata personally, and a great coach. He talked to me and made me like the idea. Things are very stable here and the management also helps any player produce his best.”

He continued, “There are many attackers in the Egyptian league, but I do not want to speak, but there are many attackers in the league, such as Mustafa Mohamed, Hossam Hassan, Khaled Qamar, Ahmed Ali and Salah Amin, there are great attackers.”

And he added, “People have issued that there is a problem in this place, so it is natural that anyone who will join the Egyptian national team and not register will suffer from a problem.”

He went back to talking about the dressing room in Zamalek, saying: “There are no problems among the players. Those who say that want to portray a problem that does not exist. That team is on the heart of one man, and the evidence is that we won 5-6 championships together.”

He continued, “Pacheco does not work alone. The team is not a coach alone, nor an administration alone, nor fans alone. Everyone must be together. There is no star for the team.”

Omar talked about a shot that was the most difficult for him in Zamalek, saying: “One of the shots I will never forget with Zamalek while I was a goalkeeper against Etoile Sahel, was the most difficult moment I lived in Zamalek.”

He continued, “On the second day I was asleep and I thought I was a goalkeeper and he would score a goal and play penalties.”

And he added, “I was very worried.”

He concluded, “There was a stance in the match. I went to the 18th line, the only one who saw me was Abdullah Jumaa. He told me where are you going? Go back to the goal.”


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