FilGoal | News | President of the Federation: We hope that our confrontation with Zamalek is appropriate in the name of the two teams .. This is what I said about the inclusion of Cisse


Romario Williams – Al Ittihad of Alexandria – Egypt for Clearing

Mohamed Moselhy, President of Al-Ittihad of Alexandria, said that he hopes that the next Zamalek match in the league will be suitable for the name of the two teams, as he explained the truth of what he said about Razak Cisse’s final inclusion if Zamalek wanted to include Mahmoud Rizk, his defender.

“The match was in front of a big team like the clearing house with a respectable apparatus headed by Ihab Jalal,” Moselhi said on MBC Egypt.

He continued, “But Hossam Hassan and the coaching staff did a great job despite our obstacles. We hoped that any player would recover because we did not think that any other match would be postponed after the Mahalla match was postponed.”

“Our players were men and they made a great match. I was surprised by the formation and the presence of Abdul Ghani as a center back, but I want to greet Hossam Hassan.”

And he added, “Hossam Hassan was the star of the match. He made a great match, with everyone praising the head of the technical staff.”

He continued, “A moral victory at the time. I hope that the Union will go well and will be in a better position than last season.”

“There is continuous moral support for the team, I am always with the team and the players should feel that there is a system that is running in a respectful way,” he said.

And he went on, “I feel very happy with the players for what they present. They were men against the set-off. Ammar, Cisse, Romario, Nana, Mohamed Sobhi, Mr. Salem, Abdel-Ghani and Marwan Attia, I hope they continue like this.”

Al-Ittihad of Alexandria beat Egypt for clearing, 4-0, on Wednesday in the ninth week of the Premier League.

He touched upon the upcoming confrontation of Zamalek: “This is one of many matches, and the league will be difficult this season, but in the end, Al-Ittihad will be in the position that befits its name and history.”

He continued, “The Zamalek match is difficult and big. Losing him from Mahalla will put an additional burden on him, and Al-Ittihad has the euphoria of winning the clearing match.”

And he added, “Every match has its own circumstances, Zamalek is a great and respected team that offers a great performance, but I hope that the Union takes advantage of the moral push against the clearing, and I hope that we will provide a performance worthy of the two clubs.”

He concluded about his desire to include Razzak Cisse: “What I said, Zamalek did not ask for the inclusion of Mahmoud Rizk, and even if he wanted to talk about Rizak, I would like to negotiate to include Razzak Cisse.”


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