FilGoal | News | Raise the + 95 … Ghazl El Mahalla writes Zamalek’s first defeat in the league


Ghazal El Mahalla returned against Zamalek and overturned his delay with a double victory over the White Knight, in the match that brought them together in the 11th round of the Egyptian League, which was held at Ghazl El Mahalla stadium.

Ghazal El Mahalla wrote the first defeat of Zamalek in the league this season, while coach Khaled Eid’s team achieved its second victories in the competition.

The victory raised El Mahalla to point 11 in tenth place.

Zamalek’s balance stopped at point 23 in the top of the league, two points behind Al-Ahly, who has a postponed match left.

Description of the match

Mahalla began the match with attempts against Zamalek, but they were incomplete.

Zamalek missed a dangerous opportunity to advance in the 18th minute with a shot from Imam Ashour from inside the penalty area, which Zizou, who was standing in front of the goal, did not catch up with.

Al Mahalla striker Islam Fouad received the ball inside the penalty area and fired hard, but Mahmoud Alaa sent it away to a corner.

And Mohamed Abdel Ghani, the defender of Zamalek, was hit in the head and was bloodied.

To come out and replace Mahmoud Hamdi, “Al-Wensh” in the 24th minute.

In the second half, Zamalek appeared more dangerous on the goal and Zizou penetrated into the penalty area and hit hard, but the ball passed over the bar.

And from an organized attack for the locality, the ball reached Islam Fouad in front of the penalty area and hit hard, but the ball went far from Abu Jabal’s goal.

Jamie Pacheco, Zamalek’s coach, made the first change by dropping Osama Faisal instead of Hazem Imam in the 68th minute.

A change in the players’ positions was followed by the return of Imam Ashour to the right-back position.

Pachecos change paid off and Imam Ashour sent a cross, which Ferjani Sassi met with a header that landed at El Mahalla, scoring the first goal for Al-Abyad in the 69th minute.

Ferjani Sassi got his first warning after celebrating the goal.

Pacheco pushed the player Islam Jaber instead of Youssef Obama in the 76th minute.

But Mahalla was able to return and scored the equalizer in the 77th minute, through Abdo Yahya, with a shot from inside the penalty area, after following a cross from the left side.

After the Mahalla draw, Zamalek rushed to the attack in an attempt to score the second goal.

Then Ferjani Sassi got a second warning in the 86th minute to get out of the match with a red card, after a dangerous game with the Mahalla defender.

In contrast to the progress of the game and from a mistake between Muhammad Abu Jabal and Dafa Al-Zamalek, Khaled Al-Akhmimi scored the goal of Al-Mahalla victory in the fifth minute of time instead of lost.

The match ended with a first defeat for Zamalek in the league.


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