FilGoal | News | Report: Messi accuses 5 people, including Bartomeu, of leaking his contract to “El Mundo” newspaper


Barcelona star Lionel Messi is waiting for the consequences of the legal action he took against the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo”, along with 5 people inside the club who could reach his contract, according to a report published by the Catalan radio “RAK1”.

The report said that this is the first time that Messi has clarified the names of the suspects in contract leakage, especially since this is considered a crime.

The list of suspects handed over by Messi included former club president Josep Maria Bartomeu, former vice president Jordi Mestre, former club chairman Oscar Grau, chair of the committee that currently runs the club’s affairs, and Roma Gomez Ponte, head of the club’s legal services department.

Messi handed over the names, according to the report, to find out who of them was responsible for leaking the contract to El Mundo newspaper earlier.

In a parallel line, Barcelona is working to open an internal investigation to find out who stood behind the leaks.

The investigation will be led by Miria Simona, chair of the regulatory compliance committee, which ensures that the rules are enforced within the club.

What happened?

At a time when Barcelona is suffering from a financial crisis due to the consequences of the outbreak of the Corona virus, the El Mundo report came out alleging that Messi, 33, has been charging huge sums in recent years.

Messi’s contract with Barcelona expires in June, and his career with the Catalan club may end after 20 years between its walls.

Messi wanted to leave the team at the beginning of the current season, but Barcelona asked to pay the penalty clause in the player’s contract, estimated at 700 million euros.

In previous statements, Messi said that he had not decided his fate yet, either by leaving or continuing with Barcelona.


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